Bad site maintenance

Edit: I kind of left it even longer before I posted, so I'm just updating what I'd already typed, because laziness. And life. That gets in the way sometimes, too. Hmm. I'm not too good at this whole blogging thing; it kind of requires a greater degree of regularity than I am currently providing. I … Continue reading Bad site maintenance


Strings and things

I've kind of been meaning to put up another post about my third year project for a while now, however, I've kind of been a little too tied up with actually making it work to write anything much about it. Anyhow, an update on where things are with it: It moves! Well, it's moved several … Continue reading Strings and things

Weird pinhole lens: an idle review

So, I got bored, went to the charity shop and found┬áthis: (The lens, not the camera). It's a pinhole lens (specifically a wanderlust pinwide), and it was cheap, so I picked it up as an experiment, to play around with it; I'm not going to pretend to have tested it much, or got much out, … Continue reading Weird pinhole lens: an idle review

How to run a robot wars competition* (*when only 4 robots turn up**)

cover photo credit: Jefferson Sanchez (**and only three actually move) So, as you may (or may not) know, myself, and a few of my coursemates, have been setting up a robot wars competition in our uni. (If you want a little background, have a quick read through of the previous post on the matter here). … Continue reading How to run a robot wars competition* (*when only 4 robots turn up**)

It moves!

Not that you can tell, as, you know, it's a photo, in which the battery isn't actually plugged in, as my transmitter's gone flat. So you'll just have to take my word for that. In other news, I'm starting to think this thing: Might be better off placed here: Than in my biomedical systems prototype … Continue reading It moves!

This looks like a robot…

Or a doorstop. One of the two. Depends on your personal view of what a robot is. Or what a doorstop is Either way, they'll be more information on this pile of plastic sometime soon, along with, hopefully, some more progress.  PS: Apologies for the bad pics; it's late, and I'm too lazy to break … Continue reading This looks like a robot…