I’ve (still) got a website(ish)!

I set this website up, then kind of forgot about it; Was meaning to use it to document my time at university a bit, but university got in the way of that, so it’s sat for the past few years as just a three-page site, with one page hidden from view unless you’re searching for it. Up until now, that is; it’s back, at least until I get bored and/or distracted and forget about it again. New theme, improved menus, it’s all changed round here. Well, when I say it’s all changed, I kind of mean that’s all that has changed, so far, at least. Need to neaten things up a bit, and load the whole site up with some actual content (I think that’s an important feature for a site to have, although it’s not always present). Maybe if I put content on it, people will start doing things like looking at it; Maybe they won’t. Maybe I’ll just be chucking content into the great void that is the internet, but anyway, I feel it’s something I ought to do, so I’ll do it anyway.

So, updates on my current state of being;

  • Time happened
  • I’ve aged
  • I’m actually at university now, in leeds, studying mechatronics and robotics.
    • Not only that, but I’ve been here two years now, so I’m starting my third year project; I’ll put up a post about that at some point soon, assuming I remember.
    • As such, I’ve also done first and second year projects for various modules; might put up some of the more interesting ones of those, too, although obviously there won’t be updates on them, as they’re done, finished, and, in some circumstances, kaput.
  • I’ve done some more work on some of my own projects, although not as much work as I’d like. Most of the work’s involved making things lighter, more powerful, and/or less likely to catch fire and generally kaputulate themselves.
  • I’ve kind of taken up photography a bit; As of yet, this has involved taking a lot of pictures, copying them to my computer, and showing maybe 3% of them to a small quantity of people, with about 0.5% getting used for my housemate’s instagrams or profile pics. I feel that I should probably try and force my work upon a greater quantity of people, so I’ll be setting up a flikr account and posting a moderate quantity of photos on here every so often, as and when I take them. Not sure what to do about the ones I’ve already taken; Maybe I’ll release them under the guise of some sort of “Throwback Thursday”. That might work.
  • I’m starting a robot wars competition! Look, it’s in the Tab! It’s got to happen now. Anway, I’ll probably be posting updates about that, too.
  • I moved into a student accomodation block with drunk students in it, then I moved into a house with a stadium behind it, and then moved into another house with a leaky conservatory and a garden with a shed in it. The two houses also have had drunk students in, but for a far lower percentage of the time.
  • I ran out of things to say, so I just started adding bullet points for random irrelevent life information.

Anyhow, I think that brings things roughly up to speed; Hopefully I’ll be adding some vaguely more worthwhile posts soon, as well as a better functioning website, but, till then, you’ll have to put with these placeholder posts.

(PS; The photo at the top’s totally irrelevent, but I wanted to check how featured images come out, so I put in one of my attempted moon photos, taken through a stupidly large old telephoto lens. Enjoy, my wonderful non-existant readers)


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