Bonfire night

Still a bit of a test. I’ll post these properly in a bit. PROPER POST INCOMING

So, it was bonfire night. Not, like tonight, but the day that this post origonally went up. Or, actually, it wasn’t, it was the day night before bonfire night, but that’s when the council decided that the bonfire etc. should be, so it was kind of bonfire night, if your definition of bonfire night is a night with a bonfire, that’s kind of around early november. Since there was a bonfire, and fireworks, and other general bonfire-night-y things, I went down with a camera, bumped into friends, and took some slightly rough photos. There was a fair on opposite, which was quite colourful, so I took some pictures of that, too. Then, since it was quite a nice evening (you always get the nice smokey effect on bonfire night; I wonder why that is…), and I was out and about with a camera and a tripod, facing a walk home, I took various other photos around the place on the way back. Most of them came out a bit naff, as I’m not a great photographer, but here’s the pick of the better ones. If you want to see a few more, then check out my Flickr album.


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