Containing the violence, controlling the violins, and struggling with smoking

So, it’s the early hours of the morning, and my HiFi’s blown it’s brains out, but that’s fixed, and the music’s back flowing, so it’s time to add a bit more of that content stuff to my own personal blogo-thingy.

Correction: I wrote this into bit a while back, so the HiFi’s been fixed for a while now. Pretty much everything else is on fire, though

So, things that have been happening;

  • RE Robot wars: We have an arena now! Or, at least, we think we do. We’ve only had half of it assembled at a time, as it’s kind of big, and we didn’t want to piss off the workshop technician. Also, the IET’s apparently footing our bar tab for the event, so cheers, IET!
  • RE the violin… Everything’s on fire. Well, not necessarily on fire, but definitely more toasty than would be ideal. So far the casualties include one smoked brushless ESC (lots of smoke there), two AS5040 magnetic rotary encoders (well, they’re probably dead, bar some impressive solder-fu and a more impressive amount of luck) and one student brain. On the plus side, I did some work on getting a weighted note distribution algorithm working; currently picks the string to be used based on whether the string’s in use, how far it’s got to move to be in the right place, and how long since the the last note began or finished. I probably shouldn’t be working on that yet, but I’m kind of limited on what I have available to do anything else
  • RE other things…
  • I killed my raspberry pi :/ there’s two things that you’re not supposed to do with the power on a pi (well, I’m pretty sure there’s more than that, but there’s only two that are relevant to this. One is overvoltage the GPIO, the other power it from both gpio and USB. In the rush to rig something up for music at a house party, I successfully did both. I guess that makes a third thing not to do with the power on a pi; try and wire it up during a student house party.
  • Also, side note; I’m surprisingly impressed with the performance of the cheap d-class amp modules you can pick up off eBay; you need to pump some voltage into them if you want to get the best out of it (kinda the opposite of the pi really), and they roll of a touch on the top and bottom end, but they’ll happily drive my HiFi speakers to the same sort of level as my main amp. I was using it with the pi when I blew it up, that’s why I bring it up
  • I went to a live coding seminar; don’t quite understand it (seems a bit cumbersome to try writing code during a live performance) but it was interesting; I might try to patch something together on to one of the non-dead raspberry pis to tag on top of my keyboard stack.

Anyhow, that’ll do for now; I’ll try and cover some of this stuff in more detail with dedicated posts. I’ll try and keep this a bit more updated in the future; not much point in it being here otherwise.


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