Bad site maintenance

Edit: I kind of left it even longer before I posted, so I’m just updating what I’d already typed, because laziness. And life. That gets in the way sometimes, too.

Hmm. I’m not too good at this whole blogging thing; it kind of requires a greater degree of regularity than I am currently providing. I feel entirely within my rights to blame deadlines. Anyhow, I thought I’d put out a bit of an update on things, for anyone interested;

The violin

This, well, kind of works. I have a string, and a bow, and enough control hardware to operate both via a midi keyboard. It needs more, and I may have the funding to complete it, but that’s kind of up in the air a bit at the moment edit: no, I don’t. I’ll put a proper post up on the matter at some point, when I am not working via mobile data on the train to Leeds.

Eric the tug

Eric the tug now has power. Rather a lot of it; somewhere around 145W. Unfortunately, a deep and detailed investigation into behavior in real-world environments (IE, I put it in a pond) revealed that, if you try to use any more than about 2% of said power, the prop stays stationary and the boat spins round and round. This is generally considered a sub-optimal arrangement, so I’m probably going to have to rig up some form of stabilizing fin arrangement to balance it out edit: this is now done. I’ve 3d printed (see next bit) & fitted a kort nozzle, complete with a stabilizer fin to help correct the whole sinkiness issue. Seems to help matters, as well as give it now thrust, but still needs a bit more tweaking to get the best out of it. I’ll probably put a more detailed post up on that at some point, assuming I don’t forget about it again.

3d printing

I have finally succumbed to the temptation of 3d printer ownership, and bought a cheap Chinese Delta kit (specifically, an Anycubic kossel linear plus). As stands, it’s assembled, kind of calibrated, and has had maybe 100g of filament put through it. Seems to give good results, but has a few clogging issues, and needs the bed leveling better than I can do manually. A review may be upcoming, once it’s all correctly tuned in.

Combat robotics

Ethel v2.0 is coming! Actually, I’m about three or four designs in at present, so it’s probably more like Ethel v2.3. currently settled on a asymmetric, but still invertible, wedgebot/drum spinner, with a couple of old, but fairly beefy, brushed gearmotors for drive. Yet again, more info in a future post, as and when I get around to it.

Other stuff

I’m sure there is some. Sorry.


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