Bad site maintenance

Edit: I kind of left it even longer before I posted, so I'm just updating what I'd already typed, because laziness. And life. That gets in the way sometimes, too. Hmm. I'm not too good at this whole blogging thing; it kind of requires a greater degree of regularity than I am currently providing. I … Continue reading Bad site maintenance


It moves!

Not that you can tell, as, you know, it's a photo, in which the battery isn't actually plugged in, as my transmitter's gone flat. So you'll just have to take my word for that. In other news, I'm starting to think this thing: Might be better off placed here: Than in my biomedical systems prototype … Continue reading It moves!

Containing the violence, controlling the violins, and struggling with smoking

So, it's the early hours of the morning, and my HiFi's blown it's brains out, but that's fixed, and the music's back flowing, so it's time to add a bit more of that content stuff to my own personal blogo-thingy. Correction: I wrote this into bit a while back, so the HiFi's been fixed for … Continue reading Containing the violence, controlling the violins, and struggling with smoking

Trump, Snow, and Moonlight

So, today started with the first snowfall of the season, and the US has deciding that a racist reality TV star with a bleached hairball stuck on his head their best candidate for head of state. Sounds like a joke, and I wish it was, but that's the world we seem to have found ourselves … Continue reading Trump, Snow, and Moonlight