Bad site maintenance

Edit: I kind of left it even longer before I posted, so I'm just updating what I'd already typed, because laziness. And life. That gets in the way sometimes, too. Hmm. I'm not too good at this whole blogging thing; it kind of requires a greater degree of regularity than I am currently providing. I … Continue reading Bad site maintenance


Ethel grows some teeth

  Bolted on the eggbeater for a quick test; revs up nice and quick, although I think it might need a bit of freeing up on the bearing side, check the alignment etc. Also, it's called Ethel now. There is no real reason or back story for this, beyond something very vague involving aethelred the … Continue reading Ethel grows some teeth

Trump, Snow, and Moonlight

So, today started with the first snowfall of the season, and the US has deciding that a racist reality TV star with a bleached hairball stuck on his head their best candidate for head of state. Sounds like a joke, and I wish it was, but that's the world we seem to have found ourselves … Continue reading Trump, Snow, and Moonlight